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Welcome to Oregon State University Linux Users Group documentation on Linux. If you find any errors, or wish to help expand this documentation please see

Goals of This Documentation

  • Inform newcomers can figure out how to get started.
  • Guide newcomers can get an overview of what Linux is, as well as some areas in which they may want to learn more.
  • Showcase useful applications that may be otherwise hard to find.
  • Reference users to help them understand how the components operate together.
  • Refer readers to existing external documentation when possible, but not being afraid of explaining if no such useful documentation exists.
  • Learn from each other

Using This Documentation

Generally the more basic topics will be listed first. Feel free to skip around.



This has general information about how to get started. As well as how to get connected and involved with the club. Highly recommended that you read these.


How to install various distributions of Linux, in various different ways (bare metal install, dual-boot, virtualized).


Collection of applications, such as word processors, audio editors, media viewers, ect.


Similar to applications, but with more of a utility goal. Such as ping, dig, ncdu, ect.


Covers a wide range of Linux related topics. Such as how to use bash, components of Linux, virtualization, distributions, backups, ect.


Some history on how Open Source went from nothing but a dream, to the widespread phenomena it is today.


Helpful information about using OSU services on Linux, as well as any notes on using Linux in specific classes.


  • LUG - Linux Users Group
  • distro/distribution - a particular packaged configuration and software with Linux. More detail

Thank You

Huge shout out to the amazing people at the OSU Open Source Lab for hosting our website and infrastructure!