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Term Overview (2020-09-29)

18:28 <+magical> reminder that lug is having an online meeting right now
18:29 <+magical> pw: "git pull jitsi weekly_lug"
18:29 <+magical> had some technical difficulties so it's just getting started
18:32 <+magical> i guess i'll try to liveblog this
18:32 <+magical> new documentation website at
18:34 <+magical> lug has a matrix server now
18:34 <+magical> if you want to register through the lug's matrix homeserver, contact nathan or drew
18:35 <+magical> otherwise you can use the official homeserver
18:35 <+magical> we're trying to move more of our communication into matrix
18:35 <+magical> so people have a place to chat outside the weekly meetings
18:36 <+magical> irc discord and matrix will be synced with each other
18:36 <+magical> the matrix/discord bridge is up and running
18:36 <+magical> irc bridge coming soon
18:37 <+magical> sounds like we're moving the LUG repos from github to gitlab
18:37 <+magical>
18:38 <+magical> the website and everything is there
18:50 <+magical> nathan has started an installation guide:
18:50 <+magical> and other using linux guides
18:50 <+magical> which we could use some help filling in
18:53 <+magical> drew will be reaching out to brewster to see if we can bring some of the ecampus students into lug
18:54 <+magical> meeting adjourned