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Launching the Installer

Much like the BIOS section, each installer varies slightly, including a different order. I will include a list of the general steps, although each installer may do them in a different order.

  1. Boot into the Installation USB by restarting your computer with the USB plugged in.

  2. Start the installation process, using the following as a selection guide.

Language and keyboard

In my experience this flawlessly picks the correct default. If it doesn't, manually select the option you want.


If possible, connect to a network, although it is not explicitly required for most installers. If prompted, download updates while installing.


  • If you are dual-booting select "Install Alongside ..." if the option exists. If not, see Linux partitioning

  • If you want to wipe the entire drive and just install Linux select "Erase disk and install..."

  • If you need a more advanced configuration, see Linux partitioning


Create your user.

Finishing Up

Confirm that you choose all of the options that you want. Especially confirm that you set the partitions up correctly.

That's it! Congrats! For some basic post-install recommendations, see here